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Ipsos Reid Ranks Canadians’ Concern for Kids

Posted on October 24, 2017


One in Four (23%) Say Causes Related to Health & Diseases Are Most Personally Important to Them: Three Times Ahead of Children at Risk & Foster Care (IPSOS Reid, 2017)

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Health Trumps All: Canadians Three Times More Likely to State Causes Related to Health as Most Important to Them Compared to Those for At-Risk Children and Foster Care (IPSOS Reid, 2013)

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Unaccompanied Migrant Minors

Posted on October 2, 2017

Children in foster care have the odds stacked against them as they transition into adulthood. Lacking the financial and moral support that most Canadian children take for granted, they struggle to cope with the challenges of adult life. As a result, children in foster care are far less likely to graduate from high school than the average Canadian and have a much greater likelihood of suffering from mental health problems. Chronic unemployment, unplanned parenthood, homelessness, and incarceration are just some of the problems they encounter, with significant social and economic costs as a result.

Child welfare agencies throughout the country work hard to ensure that the children’s basic needs are met while they are living in the care of the state. However, these agencies lack the resources necessary to help these children succeed as they “age out” of care. This briefing argues that there is both a humanitarian and a compelling economic case for action.

Success For All: Investing in the Future of Canadian Children in Care, (The Conference Board of Canada, April 2014)
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What Good Data Mean for Black Youth in Foster Care (The Globe and Mail, July 2018)

Protect Privacy of Foster Children (Toronto Star, July 2018)

Forcing Faith-Based Agencies Out of the System is a Disservice to Women (The Hill, July 2018)

Homeless Child Welfare Wards (Winnipeg Sun, July 2018)

Children Committing Serious Crimes Just to Find Something to Eat (AU News, July 2018)

Abuse, Neglect, and a System that Failed: The Tragic Lives of the Hart Children. Programs designed to protect children ushered six siblings to their deaths — and no one has been held accountable since their adoptive mother drove them off a cliff (Washington Post, July 2018)

How Toronto’s New Courthouse Could Jeopardize Fragile Youth Services (The Lawyers Daily, June 2018)

B.C. Closes Third Group Home for Children Over Staff-Behaviour Concerns (Globe and Mail, June 2018)

B.C. Child Representative Has Grave Concerns About Oversight of Group Homes (National Post, June 2018)

Separated Migrant Children in Foster Care Are Now in Limbo After Trump’s Immigration Order (TIME, June 2018)

Separations End, but Foster Care, Shelters Remain Overwhelmed (Boston Globe, June 2018)

More Separated Migrant Kids Arrive at Foster Care in Harlem (NY Post, June 2018)

Child-Welfare Experts Alarmed by Family Separation at U.S. Boarder (CTV News, June 2018)

Separating Children from Parents at the Boarder Causes Lifelong Damage (Harvard Medical School, June 2018)

I’m a Judge who Decides if Children Should be Separated from Abusive Parents. Here’s How Trump’s Immigration Policy Should Change (TIME, June 2018)

One Million Missing: Undercount of Young Kids in 2020 Census Threatens Gains (The Annie E. Casey Foundation, June 2018)

Watch: Funding Evidence-Based Programs in Child Welfare with the Family First Act (The Annie E. Casey Foundation, June 2018)

Report shows 23 deaths in Utah child welfare cases (Salt Lake Tribute, June 2018)

Number of Alberta Child Welfare Deaths Increased Last Year (Edmonton Journal, June 2018)

N.W.T. Government Faces Lawsuit Over Allegations it Failed to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse (CBC News, June 2018)

Babies Born to Teen Mothers in Manitoba’s Child Welfare System More Likely to be Placed in Care (The Globe and Mail, May 2018)

We’re Separating Babies from Their Teenage Mothers in Care, Perpetuating a Never-ending Cycle (CBC News, May 2018)

Foster Families Badly Needed Across the Province for Children and Youth with Complex Needs (CBC News, May 2018)

May is National Foster Care Month. These Types of Things Tend to Come and go, but it Urgently Deserves Attention (National Review, May 2018)

Report Explores How Kids Leave Foster Care (The Annie E. Casey Foundation, February 2018)

Canada lags when it comes to child hunger, violence: UNICEF ranking (CBC, July 2017)

Report shines light on poverty’s role on kids in CAS system (Toronto Star, August 2016)

Jury in Jeffrey Baldwin inquest puts onus for child welfare on the community (Metro News, February, 2014)

Inquest hears 103 recommendations to prevent another case like starved, neglected Jeffrey Baldwin (National Post, February 2014)

Children In Poorest Neighborhoods Most Vulnerable To Fatal Child Abuse (Huffington Post, April 2013)

UNICEF Child Well-Being Index: Canada Ranked 17th Out Of 29 Wealthy Nations (Huffington Post, 2013)

Adoption Attitudes Survey (Dave Thomas Foundation, 2013)

Opinion: Canada has a choice to make in how it responds to a global refugee crisis (June 4, 2022)

Ukraine’s Child Refugee Crisis Is Reaching Devastating New Heights (March 8, 2022)

Injured, alone and destined for a Russian orphanage (April 17, 2022)

How Ukraine’s war revealed the world’s selective empathy on refugees (May 10, 2022)

Missing foster children are often gone for over a month, report says (May 5, 2023)

Why the Children of Immigrants Are the Ones Getting Ahead in America (June 1, 2022)

This is what happens to child migrants found alone at the border, from the moment they cross into the US until age 18 (July 23, 2021)

The Humanitarian Challenge of Unaccompanied Minors at the Border (March 23, 2021)

U.S. Detention of Child Migrants (December 2, 2021)

Almost 19,000 Migrant Children Stopped At U.S. Border in March, Most Ever In A Month (April 8, 2021)

Kids in care at high risk of trouble with the law: UM study (June 2, 2020)

“Inhumane and degrading”: How Canada’s Immigration Policies Fail Child Refugees (November 21, 2021)

Unaccompanied minors’ needs and the child welfare response (Sept 22, 2020)

Systematic review of former unaccompanied immigrant minors’ access to healthcare services in the United States (September 28, 2021)

Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC)

Unaccompanied Minors, the Border Situation, and Public Opinion (March 23, 2021)

Migrant encounters at U.S.-Mexico border are at a 21-year high (August 13, 2021)

Increasing Numbers of Unaccompanied Alien Children at the Southwest Border (August 5, 2021)

U.S. shelters received a record 122,000 unaccompanied migrant children in 2021 (December 23, 2021)

Latest UC Data – FY2021

Facts and figures: Deportations of unaccompanied migrant children by the USA and Mexico (June 11, 2021)

Children in migrationasylum applicants (June 2021)

The Facts About Unaccompanied Children

Biden administration spending $60 million per week to shelter unaccompanied minors (April 9, 2021)

Immigration 101: Top 10 Facts About Unaccompanied Migrant Children (March 6, 2021)

Children on the Run

Fact Sheet: Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UACs (Nov 2, 2021)

Unaccompanied Alien Children: An Overview (September 1, 2021)

In 2020, the number of international migrants reached 281 million; 36 million of them were children (April 2021)

Child and young migrants (May 6, 2021)

Minor Children Applying for Asylum By Themselves

Unaccompanied Children at the United States Border, a Human Rights Crisis that can be Addressed with Policy Change (August 20, 2018)

Since 2005, USCRI has been providing critically needed social services to unaccompanied migrant children.

Unaccompanied alien children apprehensions by the U.S. border patrol from 2010 to 2020

The Surge of Unaccompanied Children from Central America ( July 24, 2014)

Migrant Minors: FAQS, Facts, and Statistics (February 28, 2017)

N.W.T. Advocates Offer Remedies for an Ailing Child Welfare System (September 2019)

Child Welfare Newborn ‘Birth Alerts’ Under Review in Manitoba (September 2019)

Nova Scotia’s Child Welfare Services are in Urgent Need of More Funding (September 2019)

The Continuing Need to Re-envision Foster Care in America (September 2019)

B.C. Ends Controversial Birth Alert System That Affected Indigenous Mothers Disproportionately (September 2019)

B.C Bans ‘Birth Alerts’, Promises More Family Supports in Bid to End Apprehensions of Newborns (September 2019)

B.C. Ends Birth Alerts but Families Question What it Means for Babies Already in Care (September 2019)

No Plan in Place to Return Babies Already Seized Through Controversial Birth Alerts in B.C. (September 2019)

Keeping Kids in Families (The Annie E. Casey Foundation, April 2019)

The Outdated Way We Think About Relationships in Child Welfare (Chronicle of Social Change, March 2019)

Infants and Toddlers are More Likely Than Older Children to Enter Foster Care Because of Neglect and Parental Drug Abuse (Child Trends, March 2019)

Disconnected: Stories of the NWT Foster Care System (APTN News, December 2018)

She Ran Away From Foster Care. She Ended Up in Handcuffs and Leg Irons (The New York Times, December 2018)

In a Struggling Foster Care System, Hotels Serve as a Makeshift Foster Home for Local Kids (Inlander, December 2018)

‘Disastrous for Children’: 100 Foster Kids in King County Stayed in Hotels, Report Says (Seattle Times, November 2018)

Why Washington Foster Kids are Sleeping in Hotels (KUOW, November 2018)

Children’s Advocate Investigates 70 Deaths of Youth in Manitoba, Annual Report Says (CBC News, November 2018)

Education Key to Success for Youth in Foster Care (The Star, October 2018)

A Decade After Saying ‘Sorry’, a New Generation is Struggling (Canberra Times, September 2018)

Indigenous Children in Care

Posted on October 2, 2017

The Canadian Council of Child and Youth Advocates (the Council) submits this Special Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (Committee) to highlight the critical circumstances facing Aboriginal children today. The Council is a national alliance of child advocates legally appointed by the Canadian provinces and territories. The Council members’ mandates include promoting and protecting children’s human rights, including the rights of Aboriginal children. In our role as advocates for Aboriginal children, and through their voices, we have identified critical systemic challenges impacting Aboriginal children’s lives and requiring urgent attention. This awareness has led us to contribute to the Committee’s review of Canada’s 2009 report4 by submitting this Special Report. We ask the Committee to consider our report, including our recommendations directed at improving the lives of these, and all, children.

Canada is Sending a Generation of Indigenous Children to Jail (Huffington Post, July 2018)

Indigenous Youth Need to be at Home and in the Community, not in Jail (CBC News, June 2018)

Child Removal Erodes Indigenous Communities (iPolitics, June 2018)

Indigenous Activist Draws Parallels Between Residential Schools and Children Detailed at US Boarder (CBC News, June 2018)

Little difference between U.S. child detention and CFS says Indigenous advocate (CBC News, June 2018)

Jane Philpott: On Canada’s own crisis of separating kids from parents (Maclean’s, June 2018)

Nearly Half of Youth Incarcerated are Indigenous: Data Released by Statistics Canada Shows Aboriginal Youth Made up 46% of Admissions to Correctional Services, While Only
Make up 8% of the Population (Global News, June 2018)

Committee Recommends Changes for Indigenous Inmates (Law Times News, June 2018)

Changes Slowly Coming to Indigenous Child Welfare in B.C. – Part five of a series (The Tyee, May 2018)

Issues in Child Welfare – Part four of a series (The Tyee, May 2018)

Lessons from Care – Part three of a series (The Tyee, May 2018)

Government Falling Short of Indigenous Child Welfare Crisis – Part two of a series (The Tyee, May 2018)

How Canada Created a Crisis in Indigenous Child Welfare – Part one of a series (The Tyee, May 2018)

Research Project Looks at the History of Indigenous Children in Care (Winnipeg Sun, May 2018)

Indigenous Youth Need Help Now (The Spec, May 2018)

Apologies Are Fine, But Indigenous Children Need Help Now (The Star, May 2018)

Sixties Scoop Survivors Raise Objections Over $750M Class Action Settlement (The Star, May 2018)

Indigenous Children Overrepresented in Canada’s Foster Care System (Maclean’s, 2018)

Manitoba Judge Urges Changes to Care System After Indigenous Teen’s Suicide Death (Global and Mail, April 2018)

Over-representation of Indigenous and Black Children in Ontario Child Welfare (Ontario Human Rights Commission, April 2018)

Indigenous Former Foster Care Wards Advocate to Overhaul ‘Shameful’ System (Huffington Post, April 2018)

Part 1: B.C.’s Invisible Families (The Star, April 2018)

Part 2: B.C.’s Invisible Families (The Star, April 2018)

Children and Youth Advocate to Review Inuit Child Welfare in Newfoundland and Labrador (APTN News, April 2018)

Edmonton Teen’s Group-Home Suicide Came Decade After Changes Recommended (CBC News, April 2018)

How The Suicides of Seven Indigenous Girls Revealed a Community Undone (The Star, April 2018)

Tina Fontaine’s Caregiver Calls for Changes in Manitoba to Curb Runaways (The Star, April 2018)

Indigenous Children Are Crying Out For Help in Canada (The Star, April 2018)

B.C.’s New Child-Protection Law Includes Indigenous Communities as Decision Makers (Globe and Mail, April 2018)

Six First-Nations and Metis Child-Welfare Agencies Claim Manitoba Government is Withholding 20 Percent of Funding (National Post, April 2018)

Federal Government has ‘Turned a Corner’ in First Nations Child Welfare (CTV News, April 2018)

Locked up at 12 – a Métis Woman Tries to Overcome the Inequalities in Canada’s Justice System (CBC News, March 2018)

Indigenous Mother to Get Child Back After She Was Taken Away by The Provence (Global News, March 2018)

B.C. Green MLA Wants Changes to How Child Welfare System Handles Indigenous Cases (Global News, March 2018)

Maori Experts Back Manitoba to Help Grow Indigenous-led Child Welfare Practices (CBC News, March 2018)

Federal Funding for Indigenous Child Welfare Does Not Go Far Enough (Cold Lake Sun, March 2018)

Winnipeg Summit Puts Spotlight on Indigenous Child-Welfare Laws (Winnipeg Free Press, March 2018)

Investigation Into The Deaths of Children Living in Residential Care, Including Seven Indigenous Children, Has Found Potential Criminality (APTN News, March 2018)

B.C. Working on Big Changes for Indigenous Child Welfare (National Observer, February 2018)

Indigenous Mother Under ‘Birth Alert” Fears She Will Lose Second Child (CBC News, January 2018)

Aboriginal Children – Canada Must Do Better (Canadian Council of Child and Youth Advocates, 2011)

$3.3 Million Pledged to Help Indigenous Families Keep Kids (Winnipeg Free Press, October 2017)

Manitoba Government Announces Child Welfare System Reform (October 2017)

Manitoba government vowing to reduce number of kids in care (Global News Winnipeg, October 2017)

Manitoba Chiefs Move to Take Over Children’s Welfare Services (Net Newsledger, October 2017)

‘It’s like they never existed’: Toronto monument will honour mistreated British Home Children (CBC, October 2017)

Manitoba’s child welfare crisis to be tackled through law, funding changes (CBC News Manitoba, October 2017)

Federal government commits funds for First Nations family advocacy in Manitoba (CTV News Winnipeg, October 2017)

Now is the time for Ottawa to create a path to progress with Indigenous people (Globe & Mail, September 2017)

Open letter to Justin Trudeau: Give First Nations children an equal chance (Globe & Mail, September 2017)

Indigenous Affairs Is A Sinking Ship. Naming 2 Captains Won’t Help (Huffington Post, September 2017)

Ontario calling new childcare agreement with Treaty 3 ‘historical moment’ (CBC, September 2017)

Saskatoon Indigenous homelessness initiatives receive federal boost (CBC, September 2017)

Justice, child welfare systems ‘failing our people,’ say Yukon First Nations (CBC, September 2017)


Ottawa spent $707,000 in legal fees fighting decision that protects Indigenous children (Toronto Star, June 2017)

Ottawa Continues to Fail Indigenous Children (Globe and Mail, June 2017)

The Canada Most People Don’t See (Macleans, June 2017)

Blackstock: Why does the government continue to discriminate against little kids? (Ottawa Citizen, June 2017)

What will it take for Ottawa finally to tackle Indigenous child-welfare crisis?: Editorial (Toronto Star, May 2017)

Youth in care deserve support till age 25 (Toronto Star, May 2017)

Government of Canada Still Failing First Nations Children: Canadian Human Rights Tribunal issues THIRD Compliance Order on Jordan’s Principle (Canada Newswire, May 2017)

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak Plans Walk To Celebrate Indigenous Resilience In Face Of Canada’s 150th (Huffington Post, May 2017)

Indigenous children lose cultural connection in child welfare system: Ontario and federal governments acknowledge overrepresentation of Indigenous children in system (CBC, May, 2017)

First Nations teen found dead was living in group home in Thunder Bay, Ont., chief says (CBC, May 2017)

Child advocate tells government to listen to at-risk children after heart-rending teen suicide (CBC, May 2017)

‘How many children do we have to lose?’ Ontario Children’s Aid joins call for inquest into aboriginal deaths (National Post, May 2017)

Trudeau Liberals’ failure on human rights ruling played role in First Nation girls’ suicides: Tribunal (APTN, May 2017)

Mandatory inquests in child welfare deaths? Province appears to be sticking to status quo (APTN News, May 2017)

Ojibway teen sleeping in Ottawa mall stairwell after aging out of group home (APTN News, May 2017)

Nunavut continues to leave foster kids in Ottawa group homes without local social worker (APTN News, May 2017)

Feds want to transform child welfare in Manitoba: Community engagement sessions being held in First Nations communities (Winnipeg Free Press, March, 2017)

B.C. report finds indigenous girls in care more likely to face sex abuse (Globe & Mail, October 2016)

Discrimination Against Indigenous Kids: Cindy Blackstock (Globe & Mail, April 2016)

Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future (Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, 2015)

Permanency Beyond Foster Care (The Office of the Children’s Advocate Manitoba, 2015)

Feathers of Hope Report (Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, 2014)

Reducing the number of Indigenous children in care (June 2019)

Why did Canada separate Indigenous families from their children? (January 25, 2022)

Canada reaches $31.5 billion deal over Indigenous children put in foster care unnecessarily (January 4, 2022)

Interrupted childhoods: Over-representation of Indigenous and Black children in Ontario child welfare

Court backs ruling that Canada must compensate indigenous foster children for discrimination (Sept 29, 2021)

Intergenerational Trauma and Residential Schools (March 25, 2020)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action (2015)

Indigenous children overrepresented in Canada’s child welfare system, research says (October 27, 2020)

Foster care replaced residential schools for Indigenous children, advocates say (June 7, 2021)

Why Canada is reforming indigenous foster careBBC News (June 11, 2021)

Why do Canada’s Indigenous People Face Worse Health Outcomes Than Non-Indigenous People? (September 2019)

Curriculum and Connections Fuel Change That Can Help Indigenous Students Embrace Their Culture (September 2019)

‘I Felt Robbed’: Indigenous Mother says Baby’s Apprehension was Wrong (CBC News, April 2019)

‘They Should Have Given Me a Chance’: Mother, Chiefs Call for Child Welfare Reform After Infant Death (CBC News, April 2019)

‘These are Systems That Don’t Talk to Each Other’: Manitoba’s Child Protection Hearings More Harmful Than Helpful (National Post, March 2019)

‘They Failed Us’: Manitoba Mother of Girl Who Died in Care Speaks Out About Her Death (APTN News, March 2019)

Tina Fontaine’s Call for Help went Unanswered in Weeks Before Death, Manitoba Report Says (The Globe and Mail, March 2019)

Engaging Youth in Strategies to Reduce Homelessness Among Child Welfare-Involved Youth (Children’s Bureau, March 2019)

To Properly Remember Tina Fontaine, Ottawa Needs to Change Child Welfare Legislation (The Star, March 2019)

‘A Shameful Legacy’: Scathing Report on Tina Fontaine’s Troubled Life, Tragic Death Points to Systematic Failures Rooted in Colonialism (Winnipeg Free Press, March 2019)

Midweek Podcast: Tine Fontaine’s Legacy and Indigenous Child Welfare (CBC Radio, March 2019)

Tina was 5’3, 78 Pounds and Invisible to Those Who Should Have Helped Her (National Post, March 2019)

Systems Failed Tina Fontaine’s Family Before She Was Born, Report Reveals (CBC News, March 2019)

Heartbreaking Report Reveals Life and Death of Tina Fontaine (City News, March 2019)

Family of Tina Fontaine Hopes Report Saves Others from Falling Through the Cracks (The Globe and Mail, March 2019)

Former Sexually Exploited Youth says Report Into Tina Fontaine’s Death Misses the Mark (CBC News, March 2019)

‘I Found Hope Within My Culture’: Former Winnipeg Foster Child Shares Difficult Journey (Global News, March 2019)

‘Justice for Tina will come from all of us’ (The Globe and Mail, February 2019)

Video Sparks Outrage After Manitoba Officials Seize Newborn from Indigenous Mother in Hospital (The Global and Mail, January 2019)

Indigenous Newborn Taking by Authorities to be Returned to Family This Week (The Globe and Mail, January 2019)

Broken Child Welfare System Rooted in Broken Family Ties (CBC News, January 2019)

First Nations Family Advocate says Office Sees Spike in Calls for Help (CBC News, January 2019)

First Nations Family ‘Blindsided’ by How Child Services Takes Newborn from Mom, Posts Video to Call for Change (CBC News, January 2019)

Indigenous Mother Speaks Out After Newborn in Seized by CFS (CTV News, January 2019)

Video of Newborn Seized from Indigenous Mom Goes Viral and Triggers Uproar in Canada (RT, January 2019)

Live Stream of Baby Taken by Child Services Challenges Privacy Laws – but Family Feels Empowered (CBC News, January 2019)

Sask. Children’s Advocate Supports First Nation Controlled Child Welfare System (Global News, January 2019)

Culturally Specific Child Care Helps Instil Pride In Indigenous Kids (Huffington Post, December 2018)

Foster Care Must Include Cultural Care (Winnipeg Free Press, December 2018)

Good Intentions on Indigenous Child Welfare — and Many Questions (The Tyee, December 2018)

Call us Aunties, says Ottawa-Based Collective of Indigenous Doulas (CBC News, December 2018)

Indigenous Doulas Bring Tradition Back to Labour (Winnipeg Free Press, December 2018)

Suicide shouldn’t be ‘normal’ in Indigenous communities, says 2018 Massey Lecturer Tanya Talaga (CBC Radio, November 2018)

Why Indigenous Youth in Calgary Are Helping Others Reconnect to Their Culture at Diamond Willow Youth Lodge (Calgary Journal, November 2018)

Current Child Welfare System Often Causes Indigenous Kids More Harm (The Globe and Mail, October 2018)

Child welfare system ‘eats up’ Indigenous kids, family advocate tells MMIW inquiry (CBC News, October 2018)

Current child welfare system doesn’t work for Indigenous kids: former B.C. advocate (CBC News, October 2018)

Keeping Indigenous Children Out of Care Requires More Community Input, Say Advocates (CBC News, September 2018)

Where are the Indigenous Children who Never Came Home? (High Country News, September 2018)

“I Finally Got to Meet my Mom”: 45 Years Later, Sixties Scoop Adoptee Learns Details of her Mother’s Murder (CBC News, September 2018)

The Challenge for all Skipped-Generation Grandparents (The Globe and Mail, September 2018)

Social Impact Bonds

Posted on October 2, 2017

A Social impact bond is a contract with the public sector in which a commitment is made to pay for improved social outcomes that result in public sector savings.

Building Social Bonds – Impact Investing for Ontario (Deloitte)

Impact Investing Exceeds $12 Billion in Asia (Funds Global Asia, August 2018)

Majority of Impact Investors Satisfied with Investment Performance (Benefits Canada, August 2018)

Impact Investing: Don’t Call it Charity (Barron’s, August 2018)

18 Impact Investing Trends You Haven’t Seen Before and One You Have (Forbes, July 2018)

Impact Products’ Value Quadruples Over 2.5 Years (Investment Magazine, July 2018)

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Alibaba, Tencent, and Sustainable Investing (Barron’s, July 2018)

Development Impact Bonds are Costly, Cumbersome – and Good (The Economist, July 2018)

Beyond Social Impact Bonds (Pro Bono Australia, July 2018)

World’s First Development Impact Bond for Education Shows Successful Achievement of Outcomes in its Final Year (Brookings, July 2018)

Impact Investing Needs to Break Out of its Niche (Financial News London, July 2018)

Religious Institutions Are Becoming More Involved in Sustainable Investing (Market Mogul, July 2018)

The Social Impact Revolution is Here (Forbes, June 2018)

Annual Impact Investor Survey 2018 (Global Impact Investing Network, June 2018)

Executive summary

Impact Investing May Help With Your Operating Capital Problems (NYN Media, July 2018)

Can Impact Investing Avoid the Failures of Microfinance (Harvard Business Review, June 2018)

U.K. Government Pledges Support to Expand Impact Investing (Pensions & Investments, June 2018)

Goldman Sachs Will Jump Into the Social Impact Investing World, Using Paul Tudor Jones Jones’ Metric to Build a New Exchange-Traded Fund (Financial Post, June 2018)

Fidelity Charitable Study Finds Impact Investing at Tipping Point, Announces Expansion of Its Impact Investing Program (Business Wire, June 2018)

Wealthy Millennials Fuel Impact Investing Gains (Barron’s, June 2018)

From Affordable Housing to Money Transfers for Immigrants, a $1 Billion Impact Investor Explains How She Makes Money While Making the World a Better Place (Business Insider,
June 2018)

African Impact Investors Can Have Their Cake and Eat it Too (Disrupt, June 2018)

Impact Investors Seem Happier with Their Deal Flow (Forbes, June 2018)

Impact Investing Offers New Directions for Philanthropists (NYN Media, June 2018)

Can Booming Social Bond Market Really Turn Finance to the Good Side (Ethical Corporation, June 2018)

The Invisible Heart Trailer, a Documentary That Follows Two Social Impact Bonds in North America (YouTube, 2018)

The Invisible Heart Website, a Film That Explores all Sides of the Issue and Spans Over Three Years Following Everyone Involved in the SIBs (2018)

CBC Interview with the Director of The Invisible Heart, Nadine Pequeneza (CBC, May 2018)

CBC Radio Debate with Adam Jagelewki (advocate)and David Macdonald (critic)on Social Impact Bonds (CBC Radio, May 2018)

Social Impact Bonds: Are They Too Good To Be True? (JUA Blog, May 2018)

What Happens When Social Services Become a Private Investment Product (The Spin Off, May 2018)

Why Environmental Impact Bonds are Catching On (Governing, May 2018)

“Pay for Success” is Changing the Way Cities Confront the Homeless Problem (Governing, May 2018)

Private Investment in Social Services an ‘Opportunity’ (Leader Post, May 2018)

Social Impact Bond: Film Questions Investors Profiting From Social Services (Reuters, May 2018)

A Critical Reflection on Social Impact Bonds (Stanford Social Innovation Review, May 2018)

Documentary Tracking the Fastest Growing Social Innovation in Modern History: Social Impact Bonds (The Invisible Heart, 2018)

Investing to Make Social Impact (Today Online, April 2018)

Liberals Plan to Add Social Financing to More Federal Spending (The Star, April 2018)

Impact Bonds in Developing Countries: Early Learnings from the field (Brookings, September 2017)

The pros and cons of ethical debt instruments (United Nations Development Program, September 2017)

New Study Warns NFPs Need Strong Culture and Profits to Survive (Probono Australia, September 2017)

QLD’s Latest Social Benefit Bond Targets Reoffending (Probono Australia, September 2017

Australia’s First Social Impact Bond is Growing Stronger By The Year: Australia’s First Social Impact Bond is Growing Stronger By The Year: Australia’s first social impact bond, the Uniting Newpin Social Benefit Bond (SBB), has recorded positive growth for the fourth year in a row, with more than 200 children returned to family care, while 55 families were prevented from having their children enter the out-of-home care system. (Probono Australia, September 2017)

Good Money Microfinance Celebrates Five Years of Three-Way Partnership (Probono Australia, September 2017)

ICRC launches world’s first Humanitarian Impact Bond (Devex, September 2017)

Pushing the Role of Government in Growing Impact Investment (Probono Australia, August 2017)

How Ottawa’s Budget 2018 can reduce poverty and homelessness (Globe & Mail, August 2017) – mentions SIBs as new program design that could be tested

Youth charity’s impactful work with care leavers gets a £45,000 boost (Cubria, August 2017)

Why You Should Start Considering Socially Responsible Investing (Crowdfund Insider, August 2017)

Social investment market grows to almost £2bn (Civil Society UK)

Peterborough social impact bond investors repaid in full (Civil Society UK, July 2017)

Japan’s ‘social impact bond’ gets first batch of investors (New York Daily News, July 2017)

Social impact bonds aim to fill government-spending gaps in Israel (Impact Alpha, July 2017)

Building the Australian social benefit bond market (Investment Magazine, July 2017)

Impact investment to close the SDG funding gap (United Nations Development Program, July 2017)

An Argument for Investing Where the Return Is Social Change (April 5, 2021)

Millennials look to make a social impact with their investing dollar, study finds (July 14, 2020)

What a year: A review of the global impact bonds market in 2020 (Jan 7, 2021)

Could social impact bonds make a comeback as part of the Covid recovery? (June 24, 2021)

A review of the global impact bonds market in 2021 and what to expect in 2022 (January 6, 2022)

2021 Social Bond Impact Report (2021)

Why social bonds will have staying power (August 12, 2021)

Investing in Social Outcomes: Development Impact Bonds

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Aura Completes Three Social Bond Issuances Totaling $145 million Over Last 4 Months (September 2019)

Social and Development Impact Bonds by the Numbers (September 2019)

Health Canada Looks to Private-Sector Cash to Fund Opioids Solution (September 2019)

Financial Advisors Lag Behind Clients on Impact Investing (September 2019)

Wealthy Investors Questions Paths to Sustainable Investing (September 2019)

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Why Hasn’t Sustainable Investing Gone Viral Yet? (Forbes, April 2019)

Global Sustainable Investing Assets Surged to $30 Trillion in 2018 (GreenBiz, April 2019)

Investing for Impact Doubles as Savers Seek to do Good (The Globe and Mail, April 2019)

Socially Responsible Investing Has A Politics Problem (Forbes, April 2019)

GIIN Looks to Define Growing Impact Investing Market (Devex, April 2019)

Social Impact Investing Is Growing in Importance Among New Generation of Advisors According to Financial Advisor Survey (Business Wire, January 2019)

A Global Snapshot: Impact Bonds in 2018 (Brookings, January 2019)

TVO Original The Invisible Heart Investigates the Potential Promise and Perils of Social Impact Bonds: ary 22 on TVO and (TVO, January 2019) Premieres January 22 on TVO and

Manitoba Announces First Social Impact Bond (Government of Manitoba, January 2019)

Manitoba Strikes Social Impact Bond Partnership to Keep Indigenous Infants Out of Care (Winnipeg Sun, January 2019)

Manitoba’s 1st Social Impact Bond Hopes to Raise $3M to Help At-Risk Moms (CBC News, January 2019)

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