Message from the Founder

I am proud to be Canadian … but I am utterly broken about how it is that Canada has over 30,000 kids in government care awaiting a permanent loving family. How can it be that a country with vast resources, world class economic stature and a benevolent societal ethos has this unresolved tragedy? Surely we can all do better!

There is no comprehensive national information about this issue but we do know generally that as few as 5% per year find the permanent families they so desperately need. When these kids leave government care around age 18, they face a set of daunting and challenging unintended consequences: they are far more likely to experience homelessness, mental health and addiction issues, incarceration issues, below average high school graduation rates, early teenage pregnancy and underemployment - and then the cycle starts again.

I believe that with concerted and unwavering effort - Canadians coast to coast can support Child Welfare Agencies by helping them find 30,000 families by 2025! This is our goal.

I have spent the past 30 years in the Canadian Energy sector and about 10 years as a volunteer in the Child Welfare arena. I understand the value of innovation and collaboration and how it could apply to this issue. I am calling on Corporate Canada first to step up to the plate to join us with unwavering resolve – these kids deserve to have all of us supporting them. It is the right thing to do for them and for Canada.

Let’s work together UNTIL THE LAST CHILD is safely home. Please join us.

- Faith F. Goodman, BSc, BEd, MBA, ICD.D

We need all Canadians coast to coast to join us


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