Frequently Asked Questions

How can I locate Child Welfare Services in my area?
Who is Until The Last Child?
We are a business-minded charity that exists to help to complete Canadian families. We exist so that every child in Canada who needs a healthy, permanent home with a nurturing family gets one at the earliest opportunity. We work alongside Child Welfare Agencies, encouraging and supporting innovation. We provide funding and other necessary resources to enhance stable outcomes for children in care.
Why should I give?
Canada is a prosperous, developed country and yet hundreds of thousands of children are at risk or in the active care of child welfare systems. Apart from the fact that children are without permanent families, this completely solvable problem has a huge social toll in lost productivity, diminished tax revenues and costly social services. Harnessing Canada’s collective resources, we have a practical plan to relegate this problem to the history books. UTLC works alongside Child Welfare Agencies by supporting and funding innovation. Our vision: 30,000 homes by 2020.
Who can give?

Anyone! We need individual donors to support our programs as well as corporate and foundation partners to help achieve our goals.

Corporations – How can we partner to achieve mutually beneficial results?

UTLC cannot do this without you. Our organization is committed to working with each and every corporate donor in order to maximize return on investment. To do this, we promise to be accountable for our actions, and provide measurable, quantitative results that you can see. UTLC will work directly with all major sponsors and stakeholders to ensure mutually beneficial results, and individualized goals are met.

Foundations – How can we work with UTLC?

Are you an organization working towards the same or a similar goal? If so, we want to hear from you. UTLC is committed to entering into strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships.

How will my gift make a difference?
When you give to Until The Last Child, your money supports our projects or our ongoing research and the development of programs focused on helping Child Welfare Agencies find permanency for kids in care.
What is Until The Last Child's accountability to donors?
Coming from the corporate world, we’re serious about accountability. We are committed to being open and transparent in sharing how your donations have been spent and the results we’ve achieved—concrete measures against specific and measurable goals.

During fiscal 2013, UTLC was able to achieve the 80/20 ratio, by disbursing 80% of our annual revenue to charitable activities.​

UTLC recognizes the importance of providing our donors with reliable financial information. As such, UTLC engages qualified auditors to perform an audit of our financial statements on an annual basis.
How do you measure success?
Our bold goal is to support Child Welfare Agencies in their effort to find permanent homes for 30,000 Canadian children by 2020.

For more information about a specific project or for more detailed answers to any of the above questions, please contact .

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