Mission + Vision

Until The Last Child (UTLC) exists to help to complete Canadian families.

Until The Last Child exists so that every child in Canada who needs a healthy, permanent home with a nurturing family gets one at the earliest opportunity.
A home that is just right for them.

We work alongside Child Welfare Agencies, encouraging and supporting innovation. We provide funding and other necessary resources to enable enhanced, long term stable outcomes for children in care – outcomes that cannot be achieved with public sector resources alone. In many cases, Child Welfare Agencies already have the creativity and best practice models they need but they lack the funding to implement them.

We help Child Welfare Agencies maximize their effectiveness. UTLC is supported in this mission by corporate and individual donors, a panel of business process experts and some of North America’s most respected experts in child welfare.

There are more than 30,000 children awaiting permanent homes across our country – yet as few as five percent of them find one each year. An Ipsos Reid survey found that 8% of Canadians ranked “children at risk or in foster care” as their most important charitable cause.

These children deserve better—and we aim to change that.

Our vision: 30,000 homes by 2025

With concerted effort, we are confident Canadian families will open their hearts and their homes—Until The Last Child is home.

We need all Canadians coast to coast to join us


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