Until the Last Child’s Family Day Drive for Donations

Canada is a prosperous, developed country and yet tens of thousands of children are at risk or in the active care of child welfare systems. This completely solvable problem has a huge social toll in lost productivity, diminished tax revenues and costly social services. Harnessing Canada’s collective resources, we have a practical plan to relegate this problem to the history books.

Until The Last Child (UTLC) exists to help to complete Canadian families. We are a business-minded charity, supported by corporate and individual donors, a premier panel of business process experts, and some of North America’s most respected experts in child welfare.  We work alongside child welfare entities by providing financial resources and the expertise of corporate Canada in an effort to encourage, support and implement innovative approaches, adopt best practices and promote permanency.  These children need permanent loving homes at the earliest opportunity – setting the child up for success. With a concerted effort, we are confident Canadian families will open their hearts and homes-Until The Last Child is home.

This Family Day, we are asking you to help by donating to UTLC to help us provide funding and other necessary resources to enhance stable outcomes for children in care.  Just click here.

We need all Canadians coast to coast to join us


UTLC Booklet

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