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Voice of Youth

Posted on August 2, 2018

“I’m not gonna tell you what gives me hope, I’m going to tell you what I hope comes out of this. I really hope we don’t have to keep having these same conversations that have been going on for more than 60 years, and that we do not have to reform or to reimagine child welfare, and that the government can fully be supportive and be involved and that they walk in the same direction as us. And that we do not have to keep having these legal battles or just having the same dialogue that each government has with us.” – Reina Foster, former foster child and advocate on behalf of First Nations kids and youth in care [1]

Parity for Kinship Foster Caregivers (Chronicle of Social Change, August 2018)

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Moving Toward Trauma-Informed Schools (Chronicle of Social Change, July 2018)

Jaclyn King Has Overcome a lot to get Where She is Today – She is Doing More Than Surviving, She is Thriving (Nelson Star, June 2018)

Successful MMA Fighter Justin Willis Aims to Raise Awareness About the Foster Care System and the Mistreatment he Endured (MMA, June 2018)

Brothers Share Details of Their Lives in Foster Care With Their Program “Decade Out” – Travelling Around the Country Talking to Numerous Agencies, Groups, Churches, Colleges, and Others (Canton Rep, June 2018)

Reimaging the Child Welfare System – by Reina Foster (Journal of Law and Social Policy, 2018)

“One Thing I do Recall is Feeling Powerless and Unprotected” – Reina Foster (The Tyee, June 2018)

After an Abusive Childhood in Foster Care, This Executive Sees Success as Revenge (Washington Post, June 2018)

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Foster Care Forces me to Conceal my Identity as a Queer, Black, Muslim Person (Teen Vogue, June 2018)

Marlo Hampton, Who Grew up in the Foster Care System, is Using Her Celebrity Status as a Catalyst for Change – She Aims to Encourage Young Girls in the Foster Care System to Excel Beyond Their Current Status and Succeed in All Areas of Their Lives (The Oracle, May 2018)

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Indigenous Designer who Experienced Foster Care and Childhood Abuse, Sees Fashion as a Way to Heal and Inspire (CBC News, May 2018)

[1] Katie Hyslop, “Lessons from Care: ‘One Thing I Do Recall Is Feeling Powerless and Unprotected’” June 4, 2108

Legislation and Regulation

Posted on August 2, 2018

Governments in Canada and the U.S. have a significant role to play in addressing gaps in the current Child Welfare system. Government leaders are urged to consider innovative legislative and regulatory levers to best serve the priority needs of youth in government care.

Early Learning Programs for Indigenous Kids get $30M Boost (Surrey Now Leader, May 2018)

Changes to Child Protection Act Greeted With Cautious Optimism (CBC News, May 2018)

Increase in Indigenous Candidates in Ontario Election (CBC News, May 2018)

Possibility of First Indigenous Mayor of Vancouver Prompts Call for More Diversity in City Politics (CBC News, May 2018)

Chiefs of Ontario Sign Joint Commitment on Policy and Funding Reform for First Nations Child and Family Services (Net News Ledger, May 2018)

NDP Bill Aims to Prevent Child Apprehensions Due to Poverty (CBC News, May 2018)

Ontario Strengthens Legislation for Child, Youth and Family Services (Ministry of Children and Youth Services, 2018)

Senators Recommend Delaying Cannabis Bill For a Year to Address Indigenous Issues (CBC News, May 2018)

Indigenous Leaders Hold Rare Special Meeting on Federal Legislation (APTN News, May 2018)

Trudeau Promises First Nations Leaders Fundamental Change (CBC News, May 2018)

Media statement on the proclamation of the new CYFSA (Ontario Child Advocate, April 2018)

Mental Health

Posted on August 2, 2018

“The research has shown that the earlier we can intervene, particularly with evidence-based interventions, the better outcomes we see later on. The early years of childhood lay a foundation for future academic, social, emotional, and behavioural success. If we can teach children the skills they need in their formative years, they can carry these skills with them through their elementary years and beyond. On the other hand, if we ignore a problem a child is having, that problem can grow over time and become difficult to remediate.” – Danielle Rannazzisi, PhD [1]

Toronto 5-year Old Waiting 10 Months for Care (Children’s Mental Health Ontario, 2018)

How Family Separation Can Affect Kids’ Brains (NY Post, June 2018)

‘I’m in Crisis’ – Services Lacking for Teens with Serious Mental Health Issues (Windsor Star, May 2018)

Judge Darcy Urges Educators to Address ‘Very Big Gap’ in Youth Mental Health (The Star, May 2018)

New Mental Health and Addiction Plan to Address Service Gaps (Manitoba Post, May 2018)

Experiences and Perceptions of Indigenous Patients Connecting with Indigenous Elders in an Inner City Primary Care Partnership for Mental Health and Wellbeing (CMAJ, May 2018)

All Foster Carers Need Mental Health Training (Huffington Post, May 2018)

Why Early Intervention is so Important for Children’s Mental Health Issues (Health Line, May 2018)

Anishinaabe Police Officer Walking Across Canada for Indigenous Youth Mental Health (CBC News, May 2018)

Wait Times for Youth Mental-Health Services in Saskatchewan ‘Shameful’ (CJME, April 2018)

Province Developing Youth Suicide Prevention Plan (Calgary Herald, April 2018)

Losing Children to Foster Care Endangers Mothers’ Lives (National Post, March 2018)

[1] Leah Campbell, “Why Early Intervention Is So Important for Children’s Mental Health Issues” May 1, 2018

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